Symbol of Ocean


Hydna is a non-profit organization made for the ones who make an impact to save the oceans. It is a symbol of hard work, persistence and a belief that there still is time to save our ocean

Empower and reward the ones who save the ocean. 

People all over the world are working hard - spending their time, power and money to save our planet. Hydna is here to give something in return.  

Advanced Technology

Hydna uses cutting-edge technology to propell changes. 

Community Driven

HydnaWorld is an international ocen community... using decentralized democratic principles. 


There is not -one- right way to save the ocean. We need a diversity of solutions. From the girl picking plastic bottles off a polluted beach to the parliamentarian advocating sustainable solutions.  

Still have questions?

Hydna Tokens explained

Consider the Hydna Token as a key. A key you can display as a symbol of your dedication to saving the ocean. It unlocks awards and gives you access to a community of other watermen- and women. 

What are Token Awards?

These are awards given by Hydna or partners to all holders of Hydna Tokens. If you hold a token, you will receive the reward. Typically, discounts, access to events, merchs, libraries of media etc.

Can I sell or trade the token?

Yes, you may sell or trade the token as you like. 

How can I get a token?

You essentially get spotted or nominated for a token. 

Do you have any questions?

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What is the token worth?

The token is yet a symbol and is not backed by any solid currency. It may however, hold a physical value in the future. 

What is HydnaWorld?

HydnaWorld is a virtual community for people involved or interested in marine life. It is a virtual space hosting events, art, entertainment, information and collaboration space in addition to a place for formal- and informal meetings. 

Who We Are

Our Team

Hydna AS is a Norwegian company based in Oslo. It was established by Helge Løvskar in 2019 to promore solutions to ocean challenges. In 2021 the team expanded to include another two watermen and a watergirl. Passionate Ocean promoter and geologist Tonje Tennholm, Arctic Explorer Andreas B. Heide, and VR film creator and marine biologist Fabrice Schnoller.